The following policy provides an overview of Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd, a guide for how to work with us, and the key benefits that a bath and wellness retailer receives as part of being one of our preferred partners. The aim is that by reading this policy, you will be familiarised with our structure, processes and the support we offer. Should you have any additional questions or concerns that are not covered, please raise them with your allocated Account Manager.


Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Limited Commitment

Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Limited is committed to delivering premium quality, customer centric products and services.

Our Values

Our Teams all work to company values for how we act, and how we want to be perceived by our customers:

  • We will take responsibility and make sure things are solved
  • We will take pride in what we do here
  • We will treat customers fairly
  • We will be a friendly, inclusive team who help one another
  • We will stay curious and keep getting better at what we do
  • We listen to customers
  • We are proud of the Jacuzzi legacy
  • We are trustworthy people


Primary Contact Information

When working with Jacuzzi you will be allocated a key contact from our Commercial Team and separately our Customer Care Team.

Within our Commercial Team your primary contact will be Clive Minett

Contact details (as per above) are:


Our Customer Care Team is structured to provide a key internal contact for each individual dealer. You will be allocated an internal contact by Kathi Driver our Customer Care Manager.

Our Customer Care main phone number is 0113 272 7430

Your Customer Care contact email address will be communicated by the team and will be in the format; “retailername”

Customer Care Policies & Procedures


How the Customer Care Desk works?

Each retailer will be assigned a primary contact from the Customer Care Team to direct all after sales, stock ordering, deliveries and warranty communication towards.

Our email system is set up to give each retailer their own Customer Care email address (“retailername” Your primary Customer Care contact will be directly linked to this address. In line with our deployment of Office 365 across our business, this email format is used in order to keep a historical log of all of your emails tied directly to your account. It should also limit requirement for your contact address to be changed.

We have a specialised Technical Support role. This role allows us to provide over the phone technical advice if required – This contact is Phil Crawford – 0113 272 7430


Supply Chain


Rachel Jowett is our Supply Chain Manager. If you would like to discuss our stocking programme and product availability please contact Rachel on 07468487248.


Ordering Procedure

All bath, wellness, accessory and parts ordering must be placed by email to your customer care email address. Verbal orders will not be accepted.

The following information is required for emailed orders:

  • Company name and address
  • Purchase order
  • Required delivery date
  • Part numbers for each item if possible – or hot tub model & colour choice
  • Any special instructions

To make sure our stocking programme is effective, we require you to take delivery of products within the time period agreed on placement of order.

Stock Program –

Changing an Order

Please call or email your Customer Care contact to ensure that we are informed of any changes before your specified delivery date. To make changes to orders involving stocked bath products, there is no charge.

If your order is a special and has already been dispatched from the factory, charges will be at the discrepancy of our Customer Care Manager.


Lead Times

Our lead times are as follows:

In-stock at UK warehouse – 2 days

Special order (Italy) – 4-6 weeks

Lead times may vary throughout the year dependent on demand, stock levels and shipping schedules. Our Customer Care Team can provide you with current lead times when your order is placed. Please note; we define lead-time as the time between the order date and the product’s ready to deliver date.

Delays may occur during the credit review process; it is your responsibility to ensure that your account with us is current for your order to be processed on time.


Spare Parts

We keep stock of our most frequently required spare parts in our UK warehouse.


About Jacuzzi Warranty – Bath & Wellness

Jacuzzi provides a comprehensive warranty for all bath and wellness products sold through approved retailers. Details of our warranty can be found on our individual warranty cards, our brochures, or requested through our Customer Care Team.

As part of the sales, delivery and installation process we expect that, as an approved retailer, you should register the bath or wellness product warranty with Jacuzzi on behalf of the consumer. The tub must be registered before any authorised service work will be completed. You may register the consumer by entering their details within the Jacuzzi Club area on our website

All Jacuzzi® bath and wellness products have a unique serial number and it is important that you are able to provide us with consumer details including; serial number, warranty registration number and installation date, when arranging any service for your customer.  If you are unclear of the process, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Jacuzzi Technicians

We employ a team of six trained Jacuzzi Engineers located around the UK who are available for in warranty product faults.

Please note, Jacuzzi “in warranty” support in the UK is driven centrally via our Customer Care Team and Engineers. Unless you a written agreement in place with Andrew Bewicke our Commercial Manager that states otherwise, you should not be carrying out your own warranty work. If you do this without consultation with the Customer Care Team, we reserve the right to not pay any invoices that are raised for the work.

For bath and wellness products that are no longer in warranty or where the defect is proven not to be a manufacturing fault, we charge a call out fee of £125 (inc VAT). Jacuzzi reserve the right to change this charge at any time, and will provide you notification of such changes in a timely manner.


Jacuzzi Community – Bath & Wellness





Sales & Marketing Support


Marketing Support Material

Brochures – Jacuzzi® produces brochures for retailers to take advantage of. Our brochures are annually updated, usually in January. Brochures are free of charge and if required should be requested through our Marketing Team.

Point of Sale (P.O.S.) – Jacuzzi has an established P.O.S. brochure which you can use to order any required, ready branded showroom marketing material. – Are we going to have a marketing material brochure for Bath?

Acrylic Samples – Jacuzzi keep a small stock of colour samples in stock. These can be requested through Helena Starling at 07789 375 598.

For any further information on Brochures and Point of Sale please contact Helena Starling at 07789 375 598. Do we do bath samples like this?

If you decide to produce material locally to drive brand awareness, or advertise showroom promotions or events, please be aware that we have a set of brand guidelines which we expect any materials produced to adhere to. These are available on request from Helena.




Jacuzzi® Website


At consumers can browse our full range of Jacuzzi products across our sales channels, learn about the Jacuzzi brand history, as well as locate their nearest Jacuzzi® authorised retailer and download brochures and buyers guide.  We expect your website to feature a link back to so that consumers can be confident that you are an authorized and approved retailer.  Our digital presence is one of our most important company strategies and we have a European development programme to continue to further our market presence and website functionality. For more information on this, please contact our Digital Executive Chris Curtis on 07740 490 594



One of the key drivers of the Jacuzzi website is lead generation for our retailers. Currently there are three key types of leads that we receive through this channel, Live Chat, Product Pages, Brochure downloads, dealer locator, and contact us. Once Jacuzzi receive web leads, we will distribute them to the most relevant retailer to follow up. This is primarily done based on geography. It is important that leads are followed up by our retailers in a prompt manner and we continuously request feedback on sales conversions. Jacuzzi reserves the right to pull leads for retailers who are not effectively following leads up that we send through.

Shows and Events

Jacuzzi encourages you to host showroom events to invite prospects and improve footfall. We also encourage you to be active in events in your local area with opportunities in business to business and at consumer events.

Consumer Financing Programs

Jacuzzi is in partnership with Consumer Credit Solutions Ltd and Hitachi to continue assisting you with all your consumer financing needs. As part of being a Jacuzzi authorised retailer it allows you to gain access to a supported consumer finance licence without going through the full licence process and cost.

The key advantages of finance include:

  1. Sell more Hot Tubs
  2. Use Credit as a “soft sell” marketing tool and attract more customers
  3. Improve sales conversion
  4. Increase order values
  5. Decrease order cancellations

If you choose to partner with this programme you will gain access to the Hitachi finance system which allows you to fully track the consumers order from quotation to delivery. We have financial guides that we can provide outlining our current financial offers and a breakdown of how finance works. In addition we can offer further training through Consumer Credit Solutions. For more information, please contact your Sales Manager.


Retailer Conference

On a yearly basis Jacuzzi organise for our authorised retailers to attend a UK conference as a way of celebrating the previous year’s successes and highlight future plans for the business. Although the target is to do these every year, we consider the economic environment as it affects our business.  Attending our conferences is a great way for retailers to share ideas, learn from each other and enjoy a motivational few days with the whole Jacuzzi team.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Awards

Each year, the efforts of Jacuzzi hot tub retailers are recognised at the European Conference. Award categories include; Design Awards, Dealer Achievement Awards and Service Awards. We send details of awards and how to get involved around the time of the conference. – Would we do this for Bath?


Accounting and Credit – Policies and Procedures

In this section we outline our intentions and expectations regarding your account with us and any credit procedures that may be incurred. Payment terms & Credit Limits are agreed and authorized with the Jacuzzi® representative that opens your account. Once payment terms are agreed we ask that all payments are made in the first week of the relevant month, whilst this is not mandatory it does enable us to have consistency in the processing and management of our accounts, if this is not feasible please contact our Accounts Department to agree an alternative fixed date each month to make your payment.


Account terms and conditions

Our Accounts Department will review customer orders prior to delivery to determine if your account balance is within your terms and credit guideline. If there are concerns that would prohibit delivery, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Information regarding your credit status is sensitive and we will only discuss these matters with the designated contact or business owner. To avoid delays, please ensure we have up-to-date contact information and note that your accounts status may delay your orders.

Note: If you have any concerns about your account status, please call Jackie Bell who will be pleased to help you. Jackie’s contact details are or 0113 272 7432.


Credit/Debit Cards

Credit/Debit cards are an acceptable form of payment. We currently accept all major Credit/Debit cards with the exception of American Express. Credit/Debit cards on file should be current, valid and with sufficient available credit.


Application of Cheques

To ensure accuracy, please provide us with reference numbers for each cheque when submitting payments. Reference numbers include our invoice, order or credit memo number. Anticipated credits and unauthorized deductions are not permitted. Providing reference information will expedite the application of payments to your accounts.


Transfers by Bank Transfer

Our preferred method of payment is by Bank transfer. If you wish to pay in this way, our details are as follows:

Natwest, Leeds, LS1 1QS

Account Name : Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Limited

Account Number : 46978836

Sort Code : 60-60-05


Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent accounts delay delivery of Jacuzzi® bath and wellness products, parts or other products. Accounts are placed on hold following returned cheques or a missing payment. Additionally, where payment is outstanding longer than agreed, your account may be terminated. There are added benefits for maintaining your account in good standing including participation in our annual incentive schemes and promotion campaigns.


Name, Address, or Phone Number Changes

Changes in your company’s name, ownership, address, contact names, phone or fax numbers should be submitted to your Account Manager and our Accounts Department in writing either by fax or by email. If you own more than one store, having current contact information for each location allows us to help increase your sales by referring customers to your nearest location via the Retailer Locator on our website and also enables us to forward consumer leads directly to the email address that corresponds to each location.


Remittance Instructions

Please make all cheques payable to Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Limited and send payments to:

Jackie Bell, Accounts Department

Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Limited

Old Mill Lane

Low Road



LS10 1RB


Retailer Benefits & Obligations



Direct supply of a range of the premium contemporary bathroom products via the Jacuzzi® Brand

Direct supply of the Jacuzzi® Bathing Range from Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd

Access to beneficial terms on the Jacuzzi® Range within your geographical area

Availability of marketing support materials including Brochures, Point of Sale

A display discount on agreed products that you place in your showroom



Showroom – as a retailer of the Jacuzzi® brand you must maintain at least one showroom in the UK which must display Jacuzzi® products in an appropriate and attractive manner at all times. These displays are to be maintained by you.

Displays – as a minimum requirement your showroom needs to display 2 Whirlpool Baths plus one other product from our range excluding Brassware and accessories .

Training – as a Retailer of the Jacuzzi® brand it is a requirement that a relevant member of your sales staff agrees to attend product training when asked to do so within a reasonable time frame, so that you may be able to sell our technical product effectively.

Jacuzzi Brand Guidelines

It is the responsibility for the Jacuzzi® Retailer that any advertising and promotional material across any communication medium such as online or in the showroom, should abide by the Jacuzzi Brand and Trademark guidelines, and not undermine the positioning of the brand as a premium / luxury offer. You can request our branding guidelines from our Marketing Team.

As a Jacuzzi® Retailer it is important that there is a minimum level of service excellence associated with our brand experience. This includes detailed and comprehensive technical advice as well as full after sales support which includes the ability to visit and support installed product within reasonable geographic areas

Internet Policy

At Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd we invest considerably in maintaining the premium status of the Jacuzzi® brand. It is built on a premium and technical product range which we only market through leading partners capable of replicating our brand values in a consistent and engaging way.

It is only by experiencing the products in this way that we can accurately communicate the premium nature of the brand and reinforce the technical innovation, product reliability and sophisticated detail of our products.

Whether through showrooms or over the internet – meeting certain quality and other standards and not be sold in ‘discount’ stores or internet sites with poor or no customer service, poor customer experience, and no technical support is to the detriment of the Jacuzzi® brand on which Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd spends significant sums promoting and developing.

You are of course free to negotiate discounts against our published recommended retail prices with your customers but we request that this is done on an individual basis with customers in your showroom or in private correspondence.

I am sure you agree that the true value in the products within the Jacuzzi® brand needs to be maintained to allow clear communication to the consumers on what they are purchasing. At the same time we want to be showing the consumers the great products that Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd have to offer and the internet is a great way of us all to do that. This approach will guarantee that the Jacuzzi® brand’s premium status among the consumer bathroom market remains.

Need to think how this fits with competition law and hot tub dealer contracts


Jacuzzi® Brand & Trademark Guidelines


As an approved Jacuzzi® Retailer you have access to all the Jacuzzi® images and logos for you to use on your own websites. Again as per above, this must be used in coherence with the Jacuzzi Brand Guidelines and may be used to communicate the ability to experience the Jacuzzi® brand in your showroom.


Terms & Conditions of Sale and Returns Policy

We have comprehensive Terms & Conditions of sale as well as a Returns Policy which we recommend you familiarise yourself with. Both these documents are designed to protect both you and Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd.  Contact Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd for details.

We don’t really have official t&c’s of sale anymore although we do have terms of business we could amend to provide to the retailer as well as one we can give the bath retailer to provide to their customer for Jacuzzi products


Terms & Conditions of Display products

Displays must be kept and not sold off for a minimum of 12 months unless discussed first with your Jacuzzi Representative

When selling off displays they must be sold as seen.

Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Ltd offer no warranty on ex display products as we cannot control the environment that the bath was in during its time in the showroom,


This does not however affect the consumers statuary 12 months guarantee.

So if there was a fault within 12 months the retailer would have to replace the faulty element and purchase the part from Jacuzzi Spa and Bath Ltd.

Need to review and determine if we want to align this with Spa which is that they get 6 months and then the warranty starts to be counted out.